Onshore Power Supply


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For those interested, we here offer additional reading materials: downloadable documents published in recent years that together cover all aspects of Onshore Power Supply. The documents have been divided into policy documents, feasibility studies, research reports and articles.

To view the downloadable documents in a particular category, simply click on the name of that category.


pdf icon European Union; recommendation for OPS (2006)
No Net Increase Task Force Report (2005)
No Net Increase Task Force Report (2005)
ARB; evaluation Californian ports (2006)
European Comission; an Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union (2007)
Espo; position paper regard shore side electricity (2008)
CARB: FACTS ABOUT At-Berth Ocean-Going Vessels Regulation (2008)
Dutch scheme for OPS subsidies (2010)

Feasability studies
TSI Terminal Systems; Cold Ironing Feasability Study Vancouver (2007)
Royal Haskoning; Haalbaarheidsstudie walstroom voor cruiseschepen Rotterdam (2007)
Royal Haskoning; Haalbaalbaarheidsonderzoek Walstroom Amsterdam (2008)
TNO; Milieueffecten van de invoering van walstroom voor zeeschepen, riviercruisschepen en binnenvaartschepen in de haven van Amsterdam (2008)
Study of the Feasability of Shore-Side Power Supply for the Ports of the Haneatic City of Bremen (2009)
Royal Haskoning: Haalbaarheidsstudie Walstroom voor Cruiseschepen Havenbedrijf Rotterdam (2007)
Port of Rotterdam Authority; Alternative Maritime Power in the Port of Rotterdam (2006)
Holland Marine Equipment: Shore Connected Power for the ferry Ro Ro vessels in the port of Rotterdam (2008)

Mariterm; shore side electricity for ships in ports
Environ; Cold ironing cost effectiveness study (2004)
ENTEC; Shoreside Electricity (2005)
Milieu & Natuur Planbureau; Effectiveness of international emission control measures for the North Sea shipping on Dutch air quality (2007)
ABB; Master thesis shore-side power supply (2008)
PRC; Tourist facilities in ports; The economic factor (2009)
PRC; Tourist facilities in ports: Growth opportunities for the European maritime economy: economic and environmentally sustainable development of tourist facilities in ports (2009)
PRC; Tourist facilities in port; The environment factor (2009)
PlanBureau voor de leefomgeving; Factsheet Walstroom Zeeschepen (2006)
ENTEC; costs and effects of NOx abatement techniques (2005)
ENTEC; costs and effects of SOx abatement techniques (2005)
DGMR; Acoustic Investigation Ceres Terminal Amsterdam (2010)
WPCI: Results from the questionnaire on Onshore Power Supply (2010)
AEA Technology Environment: Damages per tonne emission of PM2,5, NH3, SO2, NOx and VOCs from each EU25 Member State (excluding Cyprus) and surrounding seas.

AAPA Use of Shore-side Power for Ocean-going Vessels (2007)
C40 & WPCI; Guidence document Onshore Power Supply (2008)
Landstormversorgung von Kreuzfarthschiffen (2009)
Bunkerspot; Cold ironing = hot topic (2006)
Greenport Journal; Antwerp launches unique trail project with shore power for seagoing ships (2009)
SAM Electronics; We Are Connecting Ships With Onshore Power Supply (2009)
Nothern Maritime University; Ship-emissions in harbours Shore-side electricity (2009)
Technische Losungen und wirtschaftliche Anreize bei der Landstromvesorgung von Schiffen in Haven.
MTG; Landstromversorgung von Marineschiffen (2009)
Ministerium fur Justiz, Arbeit und Europa des Landes Schleswig-Holstein; Landstromversorgung im Kontext der EU-Meerespolitik (2009)
Stadtwerke Kiel; Landstromversorgung von Schiffen im Hafen (Cold Ironing)
Seehafen KIEL; Landstromversorgung
Walther-Schucking-Institut fur Internationales Recht; Dimension of Ship Generated Emissions (2009)
World Ports Climate Initiative; Onshore Power Supply (OPS) (2009)
GREEN WAVE; Environmental innovations for sustainable development Shoreside electricity for vessels in the port of goteborg.
Baltic Journal; Cold Ironing can reduce air pollution and noise at the port (2008)
Bunker Spot; Cold Credentials (2009)
Altran, CCI; General conclusions of the 8 October workshop on Onshore Power Supply in Hamburg (2008)
Altran, CCI; Notes of the Shore Power workshop 8 October (2008)
OPS Workshop 2, Gothenburg 13 November (2008)
Duurzame Haven; Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen (2008)
Port of Goteborg; Shore-side Electricity for Ships!
presentation on AMECS
The Swedisch Club Letter; Cold ironing cust costs and emissions for Stena Line (2009).
Port of Gothenburg; Examining the Commercial Viability of Cold Ironing (2009)
WPCI: Results from the OPS questionnaire (2009)
NYK Group CSR report; OPS position (2009)
Cavotec: Alternative Maritime Power Supply Solutions for a clean Environment (2009)
Port of Rotterdam: Onshore power supply ''let stay connected'' (2010)
Projekt Gron Kemi; Clean solutions for ships, examples form the port of Goteborg (2006)
NG2 Shore power strategy (2010)
Color Line OPS facility in Port of Oslo (2011)