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The World Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI) is dedicated fighting against climate change by initiating programs at the ports that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Supported by the world’s leading marine ports' organization, the project ports and scroll ports are working together and implementing a wide range of actions to achieve these objectives.

You too can become a WPCI Project Port.

Intermodal Transport

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Intermodal transport involves the transportation of cargo using multiple methods of transportation (i.e. rail, ship, and truck) without any handling of the cargo itself when the transportation mode changes.

Intermodal transport enhances the economic performance of a transport chain by using modes in the most productive manner. It reduces cargo handling as well as improves security and reduces damages and loss. Intermodal transport allows cargo to be transported more efficiently and thus reduces transportation cost, congestion on the roads, and air emissions.

Project Port: Port of Amsterdam
Participating Ports: In progress
Port Intermodal Strategy – 2013
Intermodal Transport- November 16-18, 2009
Jan Egbertsen
Port of Amsterdam