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The World Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI) is dedicated fighting against climate change by initiating programs at the ports that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Supported by the world’s leading marine ports' organization, the project ports and scroll ports are working together and implementing a wide range of actions to achieve these objectives.

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LNG-Fueled Vessels

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>New chair for the LNG Working Group

Mr. Peter Alkema Port of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has replaced Ms.Tessa Major as Chair of the Working Group, according to the WPCI Bureau Director, Mr. Fer van de Laar. Under the new chairmanship of Mr. Alkema, the working group will meet in Amsterdam, 2 and 3 October 2017. Our best wishes to Tessa for her future success and prosperity and our good luck for Peter in the years ahead.

> The dedicated LNG bunkering website is up at

LNG is of interest to both ship operators and ports because it reduces or eliminates many of the emissions targeted by current and future IMO measures to make shipping cleaner. For example, LNG eliminates entirely sulphur emissions and particulate matter emissions are close to zero. Furthermore, LNG has been reported to reduce NOx by 80-90% and CO2 emissions by 26%

The goal of the LNG-Fueled Vessels Theme is to develop guidelines and/or assess the possible impact at ports with regard to infrastructure, safety requirements for bunkering and the legal aspects of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel to conventional fuels for ships.

Project Port: Port of Antwerp
Participating Ports: Amsterdam, Bremen/Bremerhaven, Brunsbüttel, Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Le Havre, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Zeebrugge

Ports and industry stakeholders interested in participating in the Working Group may contact Ms. Tessa Major, Chair of the Working Group at

Antwerp Port Authority Press Release “International ports workgroup prepares for storage and bunkering of LNG, Port of Antwerp takes the lead”(March 2012)

Press Release “Ports work together on cleaner fuels for shipping” (March 2013)